The Vision

General Process of Our Works


Consultation and Management Questionnaire

(Free of charge) - Through documentation we can clearly identify clients’ needs and objectives. Fully understand the companies’ organizational structures and cross–functional relationships. Discuss the need for specialized areas – Boardrooms & reception, pause & meeting rooms as well as AV rooms.


Design Phase

Assemble existing plans of building and office areas.
Propose effective solutions.
Samples of finishes.
Furniture suggestions to work within your environment Environmental controls.


The design phase continues with a personalized in depth presentation of the design proposal.
3D Renderings and designs to give you an idea of the look and feel of the new offices.
Sample Board displaying wall, floor finishes and décor.
Lighting solutions to work with your design, enhancing the final layout.
Electrical and Data layouts


All designs are submitted for quotations.
Consulting with specialists and providing them with drawings to complete their services layout.
Construction – We will manage the process to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard.
Security, using our own consultant or a preferred client supplier.
Fire approval.

Move Management and Hand over

Move Management – Hassle free move/relocation
Completed site for client to walk in and work.