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Office Design Companies in Johannesburg – Principles of Open Space Planning

We’re one of the office design companies in Johannesburg that works closely with clients to realise their visions, instead of imposing our visions on them. We take pride in our work and because we’ve built long-standing relationships with top and trusted suppliers, we’re able to negotiate competitive prices on supplies to the benefit of our clients.

We recognise that office spaces can easily be so unique that the spaces actually hinder the creative abilities of the people using the spaces. As such, we follow principles in office design that support the enhancement of creativity through a sophisticated balance between variability and arrangement.

The selection of appropriate colours, and the creation of spaces specifically to enhance tranquillity and productivity form part of our innovative and well-proven office design layouts. It is this commitment to ensuring workable, but aesthetic and flexible, work environments which sets us apart from other office design companies in Johannesburg. Our designs overcome the obstacles of strictly open spaces, which can indeed hinder productivity for certain workers.

You will find that our office designs facilitate accommodation of various work modes forming part of a day at the office. Several open spaces are incorporated for brainstorming and close cooperation on projects, in addition to areas of relaxation. However, we never compromise on the need for privacy and thus include design principles for private offices that don’t exclude the office occupants from company activities. These offices are placed in such a way, so as to ensure maximum usage of natural light and optimisation of views. Indeed, such offices will not be hideaways, but places where creative thought processes are stimulated and productivity increased.

Our office designs facilitate collaboration, without affecting individuals who need quiet spaces in order to concentrate. With extensive knowledge on how to create connected spaces, we make it possible for people to engage and thus to promote teamwork on projects.

Not only enclosed offices, but also open spaces benefit from natural light usage. With designs that incorporate natural light usage as much as possible, we help to increase productivity and positive ambiance. Studies have shown that usage of natural light in office spaces helps to improve the overall morale of employees. Just as office plants need light, so do humans and with such in mind, our designs are geared towards the creation of healthy and positive work environments.

Ruslin Interior Architects is one of the leading office design companies that Johannesburg has to offer. Our expertise combined with our creative flair and focus on functionality provides the perfect foundation for optimal space design solutions. View our range of completed projects and contact our team to discuss your particular vision.

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