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Green and Sustainable Office Interior Design Principles at Work

Sustainable or green office interior design principles are widely used in the modern business environment. These principles are more than guidelines regarding the environmentally friendly paints, tiles and products used. The principles also guide the designs, in terms of productivity, functionality and wellbeing of the office workers.

As such, aspects such as colours and furniture designs come into play. If the work environment is mostly for females, colours that appeal to them must be incorporated. If it is a hospital maternity ward, the colours will be soft and warm.

The sustainable interior designer looks at the space availability and plans for optimal space usage, without creating cramped workspaces. The energy consumption factor is also taken into consideration and as such, the designer looks at ways to maximise the usage of natural light for internal thermal control. From the blinds selected, to the flooring, windows, doorways and workspaces, they should all meet environmentally friendly, functional and productivity requirements, in order to ensure happier employees, a professional work environment, and a space that facilitates optimal productivity and the lowest possible environmental impact.

With the above in mind, our team of office interior design experts is committed to the selection and implementation of approaches to balance the functionality and productivity required with aesthetics and sustainability factors. Everything from the adhesives selected to the floor tile glue or grout is considered.

We work with office spaces daily and make it our business to understand the client’s requirements with consideration for their personal preferences and the specific industry. The colour choices, plants, placement of equipment, and spaces between work desks and offices all come into play, in order to create a work environment that will:

  • Provide for optimal collaboration.
  • Privacy where needed.
  • Reduce the need for long walks to get to equipment.
  • Improve the health status of the work environment to the benefit of employee wellbeing.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Maximise available space usage.
  • Incorporate relaxation opportunities.
  • Create a professional image.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint through the usage of sustainable materials.
  • Improve the office or building interior aesthetics.


We have developed long-standing relationships with suppliers of office furniture and materials to help clients save money when it comes to office revamping and complete designs. We select materials that will be trendy and good looking for years to come, require minimum maintenance and which are sustainable. With our expertise also in meeting green office regulations, we’re able to help companies create sustainable interiors.

Review our completed projects and contact us for assistance with office interior design.

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