Office Interior Designers

How to Choose Office Interior Designers

Some of the frequently asked questions about office interior designers are briefly answered below, helping your firm to find and choose a team that will share and realise your vision.

Do you really need an office interior designer?

Most often, company owners are scared to outsource the interior design of their office space because of the risk of exuberant fees.  They also fear having someone dictate how their office space should look, and thus attempt to design and plan their office on their own.
However, the costs associated with hiring professionals are lower than most people think and with the time savings attained, as well the expertise gained, one already benefits from outsourcing the function. In addition, the designers normally have extensive contact networks and are able to obtain furnishings far below the normal retail prices. They work with such designs on a daily basis and can immediately recognise problem areas. Most modern interior architects and designers work to make the client’s vision a reality and don’t enforce their own style preferences upon the client. One way to prevent over spending is to work out a reasonable budget beforehand and ask the designer to plan accordingly.

How is the fee structure determined?

Every company has its own way of structuring the design fee, but the general trend is to break down the fee into consultation, design, project management and décor fees. An hourly design fee can apply or the designers can quote on a complete project fee. Enquire about the fee structure when you contact the designers for a quote.

Which questions should one ask with the initial interview?

You want to know whether the office interior design team will be able to make your vision a reality. As such, ask questions related to the fee structure, how the contract works, what the estimated project period will be, current and completed projects, background, training, their general style profile and the geographical area in which they operate.

Who is the solution?

Ruslin Interior Architects is a well-established, modern, trendy and innovative interior design firm that specialises in the provision of services related to office design for today. Our company is headed by Belinda and Karen, both qualified in interior design. With no shortage of creativity, Karen Rudd and Belinda Gillies have quickly gained a reputation for excellence as office interior designers.

View our full product portfolio and contact us for a consultation to discuss your particular requirements.

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