Interior Office Designers

FAQ About the Role of Interior Office Designers

A few of the frequently asked questions about interior office designers are briefly answered below.
What is an Interior Office Architect or Designer?
It is a person that has studied and completed the required qualification to attain the necessary skills for identifying, researching and implementing solutions regarding the interior layout, design, furnishing and décor of office space. The interior office designer’s functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Space planning;
  • Improvement of the aesthetic appeal of a particular space;
  • Design of furnishing and equipment layout;
  • Costing of projects and budget estimates; and
  • Preparing technical drawings to ensure that all building, safety, and environmental regulations are met.

A person may only use the title of interior design architect if they have attained the relevant qualification. An interior office decorator, on the other hand, is mainly focussed on the creation of functional and decorative workspace development and the application of décor principles for aesthetic appeal, including the selection and placement of furniture.

Why should I hire interior office designers?

Experienced designers have the know-how to identify potential improvements, current problem areas, requirements for ergonomic workspaces, and environmentally friendly design principles. They understand costing in terms of office space improvement and make it their business to work with the client’s vision and making such a reality within practical limits.

The designers add value through recommendations for improvements and ways in which you can use office space better, save money on interior design and keep the project on tract. Such designers provide you with a wide range of choices and involve you throughout the design process. They don’t force their ideas on you and can save you a lot of time and frustration. The interior office designers have developed close associations with suppliers and are thus able to negotiate better prices for materials, equipment and furniture.

What is the estimated time of completion for the project?

Every project is unique and the designers work within the time frame allocated. It is important to be realistic and your budget will also play a role. In addition, you may not have the space or time to provide the designers full access to make the necessary changes during work hours. This will mean that they’re only able to work during weekends. If such is the case, the project will take longer. The designers will estimate the time for completion and work with you to ensure minimal disruption of workflow.

At what stage should I involve the interior office designers?

The sooner you involve them, the better for you in terms of cost savings, the creation of your vision and the outcome of the project. Contact the designers during the initial planning phase, as this will ensure that it will be a team effort and they will be able to understand your design requirements better.

Should I procure materials or let the designers do so?

It depends on whether you already have contacts in the building, design and furniture industries. If you have an existing network, you can order the materials, but considering that most interior office designers already have the network to ensure best prices, you may want to leave the administrative burden to them.

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