Office Space Design

Office Space Design Principles and Factors for Optimal Efficiency and Harmony

Careful consideration should be given to office space design as it affects the efficiency, overall morale and health of employees. Our professional office space design team addresses the important factors in their designs and applications of such including, but not limited to:

  • functionality and efficiency of the layout;
  • privacy requirements and need for space;
  • communal area usage; and
  • expediency.

Functionality of the Work Area

It is necessary to ensure that the office space design incorporates sound principles for maximising space usage and the avoidance of clutter. The various work areas should provide for enough space for placement of the various documents, papers and stationary. The placement of multi-functional scanners and printers should be done with consideration of employee workstation placement. Where possible the employee workstations must be placed within easy access to such equipment. However, consideration for people traffic passing workstations is important since employees on way to such equipment may find that the noise of the equipment and distraction of people passing may affect their productivity negatively.  

Privacy Requirements

Open office layouts allow for maximum interaction among employees and thus improve collaborative efforts. Such layouts work well for situations where employees need to constantly interact in team projects such as advertisement campaigns. However, not all employees can operate in such an environment. It is thus essential to ensure that the privacy of employees working with confidential information will not be affected. For this we recommend office space designs that allow for the requirement privacy where confidential information is involved or where individuals need to work in absolute quiet environments.

Communal Area Usage

Meeting spaces such as conference rooms, boardrooms and entertainment areas are important as such areas allow for interaction among employees working together on projects and for the purpose of building the inter-departmental communication. Such rooms should be spacious enough to allow for maximum movement, interaction and relaxation. It is important to separate these spaces from the normal work areas to minimise the noise impact on the general work areas.


Employees should be grouped together bases on the tasks or focus areas of their specific jobs. Accounting functions for instance should be located in office area while the advertising and marketing division should be in another, even with total open plan layouts. This will improve expediency and minimise the effort needed to get information related to work at hand. The important tasks to be performed must be listed including for instance, telephonic communication, invoice production, cash receipt, filing, brain storming, creative design and more. It will make it possible to incorporate office space design principles to allow for quiet and private areas as well as areas where maximum customer interaction will take place.

Professional and well-planned office space design is needed to ensure a harmonic and well-functioning work environment. At Ruslin Interior Architects, we take all the above and other factors into consideration in designing office spaces to meet our client’s vision. We work with your ideas and utilise the floor space to bring the ideas to reality without ever compromising on the principles of good office design. View our full range of services and contact us to help you create an attractive and functional office space for optimal harmony and productivity.

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