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The Importance of Professional Advice on Office Renovation

Though the furniture and lay-out of your company’s office space may have been trendy and functional ten years ago technological advances have made it necessary to rethink the way that offices are designed. A decade ago the office may have featured more copiers, fax machines and scanners than today when the multifunctional copier/scanner machines facilitate a wide range of business functions. Computers have changed and networks are often connected using Wi-Fi technology instead of or in addition to normal Ethernet-based networks.

Add to the above changes aspects such the importance of sustainability and low environmental impact, health of the employees, and optimal productivity and it becomes clear that office renovation at least once every ten years should form part of any company budget. Apart from functional aspects consider how many colour, style and interior design changes have taken place in the last few years.

Although you may be concerned about the costs associated with office renovation, the mere project should be reason for celebration. Having the funds available for renovation means your business is growing. This may entail the creation of additional work spaces, entertainment and reception areas or perhaps layout changes to accommodate more employees.

Even when your company’s funds are limited, professional advice will certainly go a long way to make the most of your budget and the available space. Not surprisingly, people often pay the least attention to the floor when it comes to office renovation, because new furniture seems to attract more attention. However, the floor is the most used space and thus suffers the most from wear and tear. If you want the renovation project to be successful, set aside the necessary funds to replace the current floor surface, especially if it features an outdated design. Replacement of old tiles or carpets will contribute considerably to the aesthetic appeal of the office space.

Even before you consider investing in new office furniture, you need to consider how repainting the walls will help to ensure a fresh look. The next consideration should be the use of natural light, improvement of lay-out when it comes to office equipment placement, creation of open spaces, reduction of wasted space and then the cost of furniture replacement or upholstery.

Considering all the above, it makes sense to get professional help especially because the workspace will not only affect the morale and health of the employees, but also be used as part of your company’s branding efforts. Our professional team of interior designers will assess your office renovation needs and provide you with workable solutions.

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