Turnkey Interiors

Turnkey Interiors – Creating Unique and Exceptional Spaces with One Team!

Since the birth of the white-collar, office interior design has seen many faces – from Taylorism in 1904, Bürolandschaft  in 1950 (workers sitting side by side in rows), the Action Office in 1968, the Cube farm in 1980, and the Virtual Office in 1994, to the Networking office, which is where we are today.

Reflecting changing attitudes towards work, the 21st century ultramodern office has been regarded as the “casual office”. Simple, sleek, functional and innovative – this is what differentiates corporate modern interiors from the traditional!  Necessitating clean and open spaces, this type of interior design not only encourages creative interaction among employees, but the type of futuristic furniture and innovative furniture arrangement has also been tailored for functionality and efficient flow of ideas.

We are an Innovative Corporate Interior Design Boutique

If you are finding your corporate interior dull, unproductive, outdated, uninspiring and monotonous, then you need to outsource an innovative corporate interior design boutique on the cutting edge of corporate interior design, who can breathe some new life into your environment.

Inspired by the concept of change, we at Ruslin Interior Architects are one of the leading interior office design boutiques in Johannesburg, which can not only reinvent your space, but can also make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Passionate about innovation, design, trends, ideas and ultramodern furniture, we offer businesses throughout Johannesburg a wide range of turnkey interiors.

About Our Turnkey Interiors

While creativity is our mantra, we believe that no corporate space should ever look alike. Whether a lavish and grand design or a contemporary design, we also believe that the interior of every corporate space should reflect their unique brand, creatively and originally!

Our competitive advantage is that we are able to deliver on any sized project, while providing you with unique turnkey interiors, tailored to your precise needs, requirements and budget. We offer full turnkey interior solutions, from the conception to the installation phase, and right through to the final handover of your new space. The process of our turnkey interiors approach will begin with a FREE consultation, which will help us to identify your needs, structure and every zone within your organisation – from specialised areas and boardrooms to bathrooms.

We Integrate Your Identity into the Design

Moving onto the initial phase is fun, as this is where we integrate your brand and identity into the plans and drawings that will include space layout. Thereafter, we move on to the design proposal, where we discuss and approve space planning, branding, presentation, budget, furniture suggestions, lighting solutions and specialised areas, such as the boardroom, reception and so on.

Next, we start the planning phase, which is where you move out and we move in. After covering every angle, from electrical and data layouts, environmental controls and security, to fire approval – we will then begin the construction phase. Once the site is completed, we then handover to you. Furthermore, we will also assist you with moving into your new premises, which affords you the opportunity to carry on with business as usual.

Committed to understanding your requirements, managing your expectations and building a long-term relationship, we create corporate interior spaces that are truly unique and exceptional. Our interior designers stay close to your concepts, thus ensuring that your vision becomes a reality, and the best part is that you only have to work with one team throughout the entire process!

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