Office Space Planning

Office Space Planning Considerations for the Modern Business Environment

A poorly designed office space will cost your company unnecessary money and frustration. It will affect the productivity of staff members and lead to time wastage in completing tasks.

Professional office space planning helps to eliminate problems, such as space wastage, poor ventilation, and incorrect placement of essential equipment which must be accessible to all employees within the department. Modern office space planning helps to improve the lines of communication and to perk up the workspace, which in turn leads to higher morale among employees and an improved overall image of the company.

Most firms including, start-ups and smaller companies, find that the initial investment in using professional office interior designers pays off in terms of higher productivity levels, enhanced work ambiance and improved business image. 

Importance of Natural Light

With the average employee spending most of their time working in an office or retail space and away from direct natural light, it is understandable that employees become discouraged and sometimes even depressed. By incorporating natural light aspects in office space planning, where relevant, we help to improve the overall mood and feeling of spaciousness. Natural light is an important aspect of modern office design, as it provides the employee with a wider colour spectrum and thus aids in task performance. Since the human eye functions best in natural light, minimisation of artificial lighting helps to reduce strain on the eyes and subsequent headaches.

Open Layout

Part of the process of getting more natural light in the office area often entails the creation of an open planned layout. This might entail the replacement of interior walls with glass walls, which allow for more natural light flow. In addition, it helps to remove communication barriers and the feeling of being cramped into a small space. Glass walls furthermore improve the aesthetic appearance of the office.

By giving the employees more work space, you improve their productivity and by creating an open office layout, you immediately achieve the benefit of more natural light and space. Employees need enough space between their desks to minimise the risk of people bumping computer screens or irritating workers when they move around.

Wall Considerations

Although it is important to create a quiet workplace where needed, it is essential to include enough elements to stimulate creativity and interaction among employees. Where you do need the more conventional walls, consider changes in the texture. Woven and 3D walls are trendy and take away the boredom aspect. Even glass walls can be spiced up through printed designs.

We ensure proper office space planning to address privacy, noise emission, ventilation, space, natural lighting usage and aesthetic appeal considerations, by conducting in-depth interviews with the client and relevant employees. As part of this process, we talk to the employees instead of just the managers. In doing so, we gain an understanding of the requirements on the floor and can customise our office space planning to ensure that all of the important aspects are taken into account.

Create a healthy, sustainable, exciting and highly functional work environment. Contact us, at Ruslin Interior Architects, for a free-of-charge consultation.

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