Modern Office Design Architects

Modern Office Design Architects Focusing on the Creation of Motivational Workspaces

At Ruslin Interior Architects, we believe in the creation of functional, practical, sustainable and creative workplaces. Our modern office design architects work with your firm to save on costs, increase productivity, improve image, and create offices that are inviting to employees and clients alike.

As modern office design architects, our designs reflect the world-wide trend towards environmentally-friendly, healthy and sustainable offices. We design workplaces to create spaces where employees are able to perform at their best with the required tools, as well as an environment that stimulates creative thinking and comfort, because employees spend most part of their day in the office. A few of the modern office design principles that our interior design architects follow are briefly discussed below.

Consider Individual Work Needs

We have to move away from the mass concept. People are individuals, even though together they form the workforce of the company. Each individual’s job functions should be supported. Putting people in work cubes irrespective of their job functions is counterproductive. Where the individual needs no distractions or requires privacy to deal with difficult clients, such must be provided.

The workspaces should be in close proximity of the tools and equipment that the employees need. This also means that the workspaces should have adequate desk storage, access to equipment such as multifunctional copiers, be near team groups where relevant, and be within easy access to restrooms, communal areas and also close to colleagues who regularly have to collaborate on tasks.

The Individual is Part of a Group

Note that the individual isn’t an island. The person is connected with other colleagues, forming teams or groups. As such, our modern office design architects also design spaces that create communities – for people working on the same type of projects or working with similar topics. To avoid the silo effect, we link the groups to allow for interaction. That being said, boundaries are created to distinguish communities, while the allocated spaces for teams and areas for interaction are never compromised.

Motivational Spaces

Employees cannot perform at their best if they are not motivated. Designing an office space that creates a comfortable environment forms part of the development of a motivated workforce. For such, maximum usage of natural light, strategic usage of colours to create interesting spaces, and placement of ergonomically designed furniture form key elements of our modern office designs. Our office design architects create shared spaces where the majority of the workers can rejuvenate through social interaction and where one will always find a positive buzz.

Contact our modern office design architects to give your office environment a facelift or to design workspaces for your company from scratch.

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