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How Our Corporate Office Architects Work with Physical Properties in Designing Workplaces

As modern corporate office architects, we incorporate specific design principles to create flexible, inviting, inspiring and highly functional workplaces. Some of the corporate office design principles that we follow are briefly introduced below.

Usage of Light

It is time to move away from strict lines and hierarchical office design principles, and to embrace elements which can be manipulated to create motivational corporate offices. Our corporate office architects design spaces to maximise the usage of natural light with communal areas, for instance, placed near window areas. With transparent office space dividers, it is possible to spread natural light throughout the entire floor.

Play with Colour

The days of white walls are long gone. People want colour in their lives, but the right usage of colour is essential and this is where the expertise of our corporate office architects becomes so valuable. Contrasting colours are used where we want to highlight specific areas or indicate differences.

Brighter colours are used to get attention and are utilised sparingly, because over-usage leads to a general overwhelming effect. We use coordinated colours to ensure aesthetic appeal and have a thorough understanding of the effects of colours. Lighter colours, for instance, create the feeling of space, while the darker colours close spaces in to create the feeling of cosiness.

Where we want to create a relaxed ambience, we stick with textures combined with natural colours for extra warmth. With red being a colour that signifies passion and danger, it is only used in the areas where we want to drive energy.

Too much yellow is overwhelming, but the right usage can create a sunny feeling, while blue creates a cooling and calming effect, and green signifies nature and is used where we want people to feel rejuvenated.

Understanding How to Use Lines, Angles & Surfaces

We avoid the over-usage of lines, as such creates confusion, but do use lines strategically to divide areas, lead the eyes to specific sections and to create interest. With right angles it is possible to create predictability and to make the building process easier, but it is essential to break up too many right angles with plants and other features. Where necessary, obtuse angels are used to create a calming effect on the eyes. We often use matt surfaces to prevent overwhelming light reflection, while effective usage of texture enhances the overall interest as the touch sensation is also stimulated. To break up the dullness of flat surfaces, we incorporate curves, where practical.

Usage of Shapes, Height & Distance

Our corporate office architects steer clear of overly complex shapes to make the shapes more appealing, while we utilise height to create direction and increase interaction with the strategic placement of desks, rather than having people communicate over distances. Understanding the importance of creating a balance when it comes to sound and noise, we avoid the creation of spaces that are too quiet, as such leads to drowsiness and feelings of loneliness. The balance must be right, as too much noise or sound is quite disturbing and sudden sounds can evoke the feeling of just wanting to flee the scene. We create spaces that are comfortable with just enough energy to make the workplace an enjoyable space.

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