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Interior Office Designers for Modern Work Environment Creation

White is out. The sterile look of the past ten years has made space for the industrial, recycled, refurbished and eclectic look and feel. Bolder colours, fun shapes and textures are applied to break the dullness and sterility of white. You can expect an almost retro appearance to be popular in usage by interior office designers.

The old corporate brand focus is making space for versatility in design through daring statements with furniture and wall art. The workplace is becoming an exciting space, although corporate branding will still feature, but without the rigid hierarchical organisational structure reflected in older office layouts.

With collaboration a key feature of modern business approaches, interior office designers add accessories such as visually appealing, retro type wall art and functional furniture to create pleasurable, modern and exceptionally workable environments. By creating more enjoyable work environments, companies can improve on their staff retaining capacity.

Workstation-dependency is also less of a factor and office interior designers thus have more freedom to create collaboration spaces. Mobile devices, WiFi and connectivity are embraced by companies around the world. Informal rather than formal meetings are key drivers of communication in modern business environments and the interior office designs reflect such with numerous interactivity spaces for video conferencing at informal lounges.

Everything from vintage to ultra-modern furniture can now be used in the same spaces because of the eclectic design styles applied in an artistic manner. Geometric shapes are prominent in all types of office design themes. Spaces are now more flexible than in the past. Softer and harder textures are used together for interesting 3D geometric effects. Angular shapes, lines and spaces are definitely prominent, and with the reinvention of fusion through the applications of luxurious furniture, and combinations of recycled and refurbished materials, you can expect invigorating work environments to stimulate innovativeness. Combinations of industrial metals with softer fabrics and unique lighting make for exceptional interiors.

Even ethnic patterning is combined with a whole range of textures for the modern work environment. At Ruslin Interior Architects, our interior office designers listen to our clients. We endeavour to make the client’s vision a reality and by applying the latest interior office design principles, we ensure workable and modern work environments that support sustainability, low environmental footprints, maximum productivity and optimal innovativeness.

With modern office interior design focussed on the creation of stimulating work environments that provide for spaces where employees can interact, work together on projects and still have the ability to work separately, you can expect our designs to reflect such, in line with your visions. We help to create spaces that have distinct personalities and instead of the dull plaques, wooden doors, white walls and straight lines often associated with older types of offices, our designs are stylish and in vogue.

We understand that you cannot redesign your office environment every two or three years and as such, use materials and designs that will still be relevant in a decade or so. View our range of completed projects and contact our team of interior office designers to help transform your office space into a place where clients and employees alike will want to spend their time.

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