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Interior Architects Johannesburg – Latest Trends in Office Design

Some of the latest trends in interior office design which are quite popular with interior architects, based in Johannesburg, are briefly discussed below.

Open Plan

Still at the head of interior office design principles, open plan layouts continue to be popular in 2015. This can mostly be attributed to the modern trend of moving away from the hierarchical organisational structures which used to be reflected in the office designs. Interior architects in Johannesburg are in line with world-wide trends when focussing on open office layouts. We, at Ruslin Interior Architects, overcome the challenges of noise, interruptions, and privacy issues often associated with open office layouts with the addition of acoustic panels for divisions and innovative seating arrangements.

We help clients to address noise pollution problems in the early stages of their office layouts and designs through the incorporation of materials in the walls and ceilings to minimise noise effects, as well as through strategic partitions. The office-in-office principles are also widely applied, enabling interaction with others whilst not compromising on privacy where needed.

Geometric Shapes and Designs

With the popularity of geometric designs in 2014 noticed, interior architects continue with the trend of applying geometric shapes to various parts of the office design, including furniture, ceilings and walls. Clients can expect innovative uses of such designs to continue for the next few years.

Texture Changes

Boring white walls and spaces are out and have made place for bolder textures and colours which are stimulating and provide visual fun. The simplistic white look and styling of the past decade is now something almost permanently in the past, and you can expect it to stay that way for at least another decade. White has been over-used in offices, retail parks and even homes, and people are ready for a change. Eclectic usage of materials combined with various geometric shapes, prominent textures and fewer rectangular and box shaped designs are making headlines.

Space for Technology

With mobile devices being used more and more, employees are no longer desk bound and this is reflected in office designs. Office layouts are no longer restricted by factors such as network cables and telephone lines. Advanced designs in workstation setups and collaboration spaces make for interesting and stimulating work environments.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

World-wide architectural trends are focussed on sustainability and reduction of environmental footprints. With such, you can expect usage of materials made in an environmentally friendly manner or derived from sustainable resources. The carbon footprint reduction is still a priority and we see usage of recycled, refurbished and up-cycled elements in the interior office designs.

If your office environment still reflects the older styles, then it is time to upgrade to ensure that your firm’s office environment is trendy, fun and functional. Contact us at Ruslin Interior Architects for office interior design assistance in Johannesburg, Pretoria or anywhere in South Africa.

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