Leading Space Planning Companies

Ruslin Interior Architects as One of the Leading Space Planning Companies

Ruslin Interior Architects is one of the leading space planning companies in South Africa, dedicated to the creation of our clients’ visions. This means that we take your ideas and then apply them within the office environment according to sound principles of space planning and interior design. Your ideas become reality in our hands with maximum usage of the floor space in a way that will provide you with a spacious feeling, neat and professional, creative and functional work environment.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Leading Space Planning Companies in South Africa?

We work within your budget and timeframe requirements, and because we follow a systematic approach to space planning, you can rest assured that we provide superior quality throughout and plan the process to ensure that we meet deadlines. Our process entails interaction with you as our client and although we bring our creative flair and professional expertise to the table, we ensure that your vision is realised.

Our services can be categorised in:

  • Interior design.
  • Space planning.
  • Project management.


Interior Design

The interior design service entails our professional and creative input, in addition to technical solutions to the design of functional interiors. We improve the overall appearance and quality of the work environment, and create an aesthetically pleasing office space. Using proven interior design principles, we analyse your specific needs, the space requirements and availability, and the resources required to ensure the desired outcomes. We implement the approved solutions and provide you with expert guidance throughout.

Space Planning

With the office space planning function, we look at factors such as technology, the available space, essential resources and people as part of the project. Armed with relevant information, we are able to design highly functional, attractive, energy efficient, flexible and productive work spaces within the building, resources, timeframe and budget limitations.

Project Management

We are involved from the initial consultation and planning phase, right through the completion of the project. This also means that we oversee the contract work, as well as any type of construction, refurbishment and décor applications. You benefit from our extensive network of suppliers and our expertise in negotiating favourable prices.

The Process

We start the process with a free of charge consultation, where we assess the answers you have given in the management questionnaire and discuss your particular objectives. Having an in-depth understanding of your organisational structure and the cross-functional relationships, we are able to design the space according to your needs. The next phase entails the actual design proposals and provision of samples. We discuss the proposals, make necessary changes and eventually design a final proposal, which is presented in 3D rendering with sample board provision. Once approved, we implement the design and oversee construction projects. The final phase entails move management and handing over the space.

Contact our team at Ruslin Interior Architects, as one of the leading space planning companies in South Africa, to help make your vision a reality.

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