Open Plan Office Design Specialists

Open Plan Office Design Specialists Helping You Improve Morale & Productivity

The auditor and the marketing agent may work within the same company, but their job descriptions, tools required and desired work environments differ vastly. Not considering their specific needs when designing an office environment will be detrimental to their morale and productivity.

As open plan office design specialists, we consider the entire organisational structure, the specific tools every worker requires, the ideal environment for the particular job function, available space, aesthetics, logistics and environmental factors when we design open offices. As such, we are able to help your company overcome the obstacles of open plan layouts and to ensure maximum benefit to the company as a whole, in addition to addressing the requirements of the particular departments.

Customisation of Space to Meet Departmental Requirements

As reputable and experienced open plan office design specialists, we design spaces to meet the job requirements of people working within specific departments. Sales people for instance, need to make calls and although they need to communicate with the sales team, they need a quiet environment for making calls. This means that spaces for people who have to collaborate on projects are located within a wide open space with collaboration lounges and tables. The spaces for people who need privacy are placed behind glass or another type of separation, without having them separated from the rest completely.

Glass & Windows

By optimising the transparency of glass, we are able to create private spaces with unobstructed views, which maximise the benefits of natural light. This helps to improve creative thinking habits. Add to such, windows to the outside and you have private offices which feel spacious, warm and connected.

Communal Spaces

By adding communal spaces, we help to improve collaboration success among employees and departments. As part of communal spaces, we place kitchens, lobbies with comfortable seating, work tools and relaxation areas strategically, in order to enable maximum usage of these spaces, without interrupting employees who work on projects. Conference and meeting rooms are placed privately to minimise interruptions.


Making use of materials, such as whiteboard, glass and even chalkboard, we add an element of interactivity to the walls. This provides employees with the necessary drawing and writing spaces that they need, where they are able to help with creative thought flow and illustrations of their ideas.


The function should form the core of the design, but it is essential to provide an aesthetically pleasing workplace. We discuss your particular requirements, the available resources and your budget needs before we set out to design the open plan office. With such, we also consider your branding needs and elements which should be repeated throughout the design. In short – as experienced open plan office design specialists, we help to make your vision a reality and to optimise the benefits of open office designs that work for the modern business approaches.

View our portfolio of completed projects to get an overview of our design styles, flexibility and the ways in which we can help you bring your office environment into the 21st century.

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