Space Planning

Professional Office Interior Space Planning to Improve Productivity and Business Efficiency

Effective space planning improves productivity and efficiency in the workplace.  By improving such aspects in your office, we help you to improve the overall profitability of your operations. Indeed, research has shown that employees working in ergonomically and functionally designed office spaces are happier and highly productive.

Our interior architects will help you to maximise the usage of available space. In many instances, clients use more floor space than they really need simply because of incorrect floor layout and furniture placement problems. We take aspects such as walking space, free open areas, storage, waste bins, printing paper space requirements, access to equipment, client desks, lighting and ventilation into consideration in our space planning.

Through effective space planning your firm can rent a smaller office area and thus save on lease costs. Smaller office area also implies fewer lights needed, smaller area to clean and consequently again – money savings. We therefore help you to reduce overhead costs, while improving the work environment, aesthetic appeal and functionality of your office space through our expertise in space design and office decoration.


The modern office design trends favour eco-friendly designs and sustainability. With the international community putting pressure on firms world-wide to minimise their environmental footprint, while also improving the life and work quality of their employees, it goes without saying that investment in proper office layout and interior architectural design and decoration will help your company to meet sustainability requirements.

Aesthetic Appeal

We also consider the aesthetic appeal, overall company culture, brand, and colour preferences of clients in our layouts and designs. We have in-depth knowledge of the influence of colours, economic sustainability and maintenance needs of fabrics, materials and also such in specific colours. Every little detail is considered including light type, style, functionality and placement.

We understanding that optimising your company’s efficiency and improving employee productivity are priorities and we thus plan, design, and implement spaces to maximise the potential of your firm’s available workspace.

Your Requirements are Important

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to deal with interior design architects who want to impose their ideas and visions without consideration for your specific preferences and needs. As such, we take the time to listen and appreciate your vision. Our teams work closely with you to ensure that the end-result will be reflective of your firm’s brand, specific requirements and preferences.

We are dedicated to creating your vision by making your ideas a reality and do this through a systematic approach using sound decorating principles and integration of resources.

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