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Why Outsource Your Redesign and Decoration Project to Office Interior Designers?

Redesigning your office space can be an exciting process, but keep in mind that the office space must be ergonomically designed to improve:

  • Space usage and thus floor savings which lead to savings on rental space, maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Optimal usage of floor space with consideration for storage space, walking areas, light, ventilation, personal workspace and streamlining of the workflow.
  • Aesthetic appeal for employees and clients alike which will improve the overall impression about your firm and create a healthy work environment.
  • Sustainability of operations to minimise usage of energy, reduce waste, and improve the work environment.
  • Productivity because of the well-planned work areas and right choice in furniture.
  • Morale among employees because of the aesthetic appeal, colour choices and layout.

Faced with so many considerations, including budget and long-term benefits of the interior design and layout, it is best to make use of professional office interior designers. Although your initial reaction might be to save on costs regarding redecoration and you might, as a result, be tempted to do it yourself, consider the value of your time first.

You are in business to make a profit and every moment you spend on activities, other than generating business, takes away from your business potential. In addition, you will save costs on the long run, because you made the initial investment to outsource the redesign and interior decoration to professional office interior designers.

Money Saving

Hiring a professional office interior design company will help you to save money by avoiding pitfalls, such as not considering where the wiring is located, choosing a floor surface that is high in maintenance or selecting window coverings that are energy inefficient. Without proper experience in interior design, and specifically office space decoration and layout, you will spend more money than necessary, take longer to complete the project and lose valuable work-time without getting the same stunning end-results.

Supplier Network

The interior designers already have a network of suppliers and have negotiated prices on items long before. They can give the savings through to you and by doing so, help you to save money. In addition, they coordinate the project and you therefore do not have to deal with product deliveries, guarantees and quality issues.

Architectural Regulations

Interior designers already have in-depth knowledge of the various regulations regarding architecture, ventilation, electricity supply, plumbing, and safety. This means not having to do extra research to ensure that you redesign your office within the allowable limits.

Perfect Measuring Abilities

Drawing the new layout on paper is one thing. Making sure that the design in theory matches the practical aspects, such as space is another. Interior designers understand scaling principles and do such planning for a living. They therefore already know what can work and what not, sparing you the agony of having to learn from trial and error.

Visual Creativity

No doubt, there are literally thousands of images you can use to create an idea, but since every office space is unique and you want to incorporate specific colours, brand items and your personal preferences, chances are that your end-result may not be near the image you visualised. Interior designers know how to take the client’s ideas and make such a reality.

Our team of professional office interior designers aims to make your vision a reality without it costing your firm a fortune. We provide turnkey redesign and decorating solutions. View our portfolio of services and contact us to help you redesign your office space for optimal efficiency, aesthetic appeal, functionality and do so by keeping it in line with your vision.

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